14 Feb 2014


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My first attempt at blogging, this is.  At first it seems ironic that the maiden post of this blog is titled,   finalmente, final in Spanish.

well, this is because of my unsuccessful umpteen efforts to write something,  even as simple as a poem or as routinely as a diary. I don't know,  but I just ...  didn't,  until now.
mainly because of this unfounded but deep rooted fear of ridicule,  of scrutiny [ I am not THAT famous that I will be subject to scrutiny on that alarming level,  but what's unfounded anyway then],  of laying my thought process out in the open,  and being judged.  You get a sense of a person's nature by their writing.  and thus judged.  especially when it comes to acquaintances , oh so that's how  you felt the other day,  haww, is that what you think about me/him/her/Chris Brown/ sun/earth/insects..
You get the drift.
But if you never try, you never know crooned Coldplay.
 I may never know if I write well, even if I don't,  I might never improve. i may make great friends over here , for one thing I know that in today's world,  online friendship lasts longer than most of actual ones.  sadly
 So i just said YOLO! - and wrote this post.

Although,why creating this blog was a matter of life and death for me, is still a mystery. But nevertheless.
Also, since I am using the prediction text , I've noticed to go till to  ,  - yolo doesn't figure in it
SO wrong,  haven't they incorporated it into English already?

More about me now. 
I live in India. I like Andy Murray and Roger Federer. I like many other people with unpronounceable names too. About these two, i  like their personality, i have zero clue about tennis,but i like to stay updated on it just to sound cool. I like humorous people. I dont exactly know what my [very cliched] sense of humor  is, but I laugh on most of the jokes and bad jokes. If it is a good one, i'll be in splits but if it isnt , i still laugh on the notion that how bad can a joke get. Only that I dont tell the person, which one of 'em was the joke. Someday I would want to speak different languages Like Hrithik Roshan, in ZNMD does. So cool! But for now, I'm content with Google Translate these random phrases you'll see me using frequently.

I'm 20. That's just me saying, ZOMG! Where did I leave all those 19 years.
I love reading books. I have read a lot of books till now and gone through a lot of genres, each one a different one, compelling and a complete tear jerker, which was what I felt while reading Nicholas Sparks, JK Rowling and Twilight Series for most of those years.  

But then I grew tired of it and decide to google experiment . So now I'm trying these Holocaust books, survivor tales and real life stories. Apparently, they are the flavor of the season, so tells the NYT 

I'm lazy. I wish I could blame my genes for it.
 Mom's a workaholic. Work/sewing/cooking/cleaning come looking for her just like trouble eventually finds Harry Potter. If she calls us all for dinner, she'd be the last at the table because she is scrubbing the kitchen floor even if  she did that at supper+breakfast+lunch. If she is sitting with the family, she is picking up stray pieces of paper or dust from the carpet.
My dad,though , is self proclaimed lazy.  He sits hours and hours on his laptop.[ making presentations and studying case histories of his patients]. He wont come shopping with us. [ he utilizes that time to visit his mother, in who lives in the other end of town] . He wont drive my mom to work. [ For three whole months, he used to teach her how to drive and now she drives all by herself ]  
That, in no way is being lazy. That is being a good person.  
My siblings are, just like me, very lazy. Maybe we inherited this from each other, if that happens at all.

Apart from being lazy and reading books, i also study in college. Not that i hate it but i dont exactly love it either. I mean, i had this indian soaps and student of the year kinda impression of college, with wind in my hair, cute and enigmatic professors and legendary college rivalries. What i turned out to be was exactly like school. Many people, less friends. Lots of things going on, none interesting. Grades.Always about Grades

WE, students are not the only ones. 
So, this is my life. And my first post!
Lets make it worth the time. :D


  1. Hi,
    Nice beginning. Welcome to Blogosphere. Although I couldn't make myself read the whole post. It is good but too long.
    Some quick tips:
    -Keep it short.
    -Post frequently.
    -Do it the way you want.
    -Write for yourself. With time you will grow readers.

    Keep Blogging.

  2. Thankyou for reading and the tips too! i'll keep the tips in mind.

  3. Hello there! :)

    Welcome to this world. It'll be too early to ask if you are enjoying it, but I can certainly bet you will start doing that soon. :D

    Now, the fact that you are 20, and you are a student and you write under the name 'Mishty', made me read you. And whoa! You write pretty amazing! :D Now about the previous points...I too am 20, a student and my BFF calls me Mishti. Lame? Sorry! :P

    Keep writing. Hope to connect. Cheers! :)

    1. Aha! A volley of coincidences.
      thanks for reading and looking forward to connect with you, Srish(Mish)Ti ;)