2 Mar 2014

Just married

With bated breath the entire hall and she, in all her white glory, looks lovingly at me,to hear the two golden words - I do.

Instead I remember the other woman in my life; how incessantly she would fuss over my skipped meals, how she mouthed I love you whilst I stood on podium addressing a hall full of luminaries, how drowsily she would wish me at exact midnight.

I blink back the tears furiously, remembering with vain nostalgia, that untouched food when I stayed out late, that mild plea to answer her calls and the silent concession; I never bothered.

As I stand at the altar, my heart is sobbing in her arms, grieving at his loss-his best friend.

I whisper the words coarsely, the hall erupts in thunderous applause and my heart sings :
my mother is my poem - Agha Shahid Ali.

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  1. Sweet and different! :)

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    1. Coming from the best blogger I've read, it means a LOT! :D

  3. beautiful blog and great writing...keep in touch...please join my blog....The Pink Dewdrops...Hope you like it.... :)

  4. Beautiful post. :) I wrote a poem about a child and his mother recently. Hope you like it :)